what we do best


All year long, our engineers make sure that the trees efficiently get all the nutrients they need to grow our tasty and nutritious avocados.


A highly trained team is in charge of delicately harvesting our perfect avocados in order to get them to the packing house without harm.


With our team of skillful packers and cutting-edge technology, we ensure that all our avocados arrive in perfect condition to our clients.


With strategically studied routes we are able and proud to insure our avocados are delivered on time.


what we do best


the story behind the quality

With 4 generations committed to the mexican agricultural industry, the Lomeli Family founded Great-Avo in 2008 in Jalisco, Mexico with the purpose of exploring a new market and to grow a marvellous product: avocados! With knowledge and commitment acquired through more than 50 years, Great-Avo uses new growing techniques and state of the art technology to make its processes as efficient and sustainable as possible.

our mission

To produce nutritious avocados with the highest quality to contribute to the healthy diet of our clients (consumers).

our vision

Committed to a single purpose: to be the leading international avocado company with the most efficient growing, packing, and distribution processes.

our values

  • Proactivity: We take every opportunity as a new chance to improve.

  • Responsibility: We understanding our commitments and know how to fulfill them.

  • Solidarity: We take the wellbeing of all our stakeholders seriously.

  • Trust: Builds the foundation of all our relationships.

  • Perseverance: We work encouraged to accomplish our objectives.


Convinced that the world needs companies to worry about the environment and wellbeing of our customers, we adopted Good Agricultural Practices and Good Harvesting Practices to grow nutritious avocados using resources as efficient as possible, having a positive social and environmental impact.


the people behind our success

At Great Avo, people come first! That’s why we focus so much to provide great working conditions for all our workers and the best attention and services for our clients and suppliers.